About Us

Silent Wolf Outdoor Elites is a team of avid outdoorsman.
We are family members, childhood, and military friends
that grew up hunting and fishing together.
Senior Pro Staff 
 Edgar Kinsey
I'm originally from Louisiana.  I'm also a Navy combat veteran that is obsessed with the outdoors and have been most of my life.  I have over 24 years of hunting and fishing experience.  My most memorable moments hunting were with my Grandfather.  He taught me how to hunt squirrel, rabbits, and deer.  He also taught me how to trap and skin raccoons.  The high point of my hunting career is when an awesome shot on a coyote you see in my picture.  The shot was made with my Tradition Pursuit Muzzleloader.
Eldrick Kinsey 
Born and raised a Louisiana boy.  I was taught how to hunt by my father.  He raised me and my two brothers, Golden and Edwin,  and taught us how to fish and hunt from a young age.  His same teaching now runs through our veins.  The fish in the picture was caught with my dad.  These are moments that will stay with me forever.  When my son becomes of age, we will fish and hunt together too.  
Edwin Kinsey 
I'm Golden and Eldrik's younger brother.  Cousin of Edgar and Cory.  We all grew up together hunting and fishing.  We still love to hunt and fish together till this day.
Rollin Brummette 
I'm 20 years old from Grand Ledge, MI.  I go to school at Central Michigan University.  I have been hunting since I was a little kid, but my obsession for the outdoors goes back well before then.   
Neely Heaberlin Jr. 
Originally from Dubberly, LA.  I love to Hunt and fish, but over the past eight years, my obsession has become Duck Hunting.  I duck hunted in Welsh, LA, until I moved to michigan in 2012.   I live in Columbiaville, Michigan now and we have some of the best duck hunting in the country.  We hatch every duck, except the pintail, which hatch in the artic circle.  I think anyone that loves duck hunting should come to Michigan and experiance what we have to offer.  Not only with ducks, but with deer and a lot more wildlife adventures.  
Golden Kinsey 
 I love this wonderful creation that god has made for us all to be able to enjoy the great outdoors. Hi my name is Golden P. Kinsey. I was born in Minden, Louisiana but I was raised in the small town of Sibley, Louisiana. I've been hunting and fishing with my dad since I was three years old. Now that I am at the age of thirty-one and nothing has changed much. Except for my skill level and my love for the outdoors has only grown stronger. I pursue my passion for the great outdoors each and everyday of my life. I wont stop until god calls me home. So in the meantime, I'm going to hunt and fish for the rest of my life.
Matthew McCain 
Originally from Louisiana, after college I commissioned as a Navy Officer which gave me the opportunity to live in different places around the country (FL, SC, NY, and now WA), and I’ve discovered great bass fishing everywhere I’ve lived. In college I completed the BASS Slam, catching all 8 recognized species (at that time) of bass in one year (2009-2010). I’ve fished everywhere from South Texas, over to FL, up to the Great Lakes in NY, and I am currently exploring the bass fishing in the Pacific Northwest. The only thing that will make me miss some days of bass fishing is when duck season opens up. My personal best largemouth is 9-3 (FL) and my personal best smallmouth is 6-1 seen in the picture caught at Riffe Lake, WA 
Cameron Ott 
I grew up hunting the Hill Country in West Texas, and the Piney Woods of East Texas. Always loved the outdoors whether I was hunting, fishing, or playing other sports. Now, it's all about family to me. I have shot bigger deer, but watching my girls faces while tracking this deer was my proudest moment hunting. Looking forward to sharing my experiences as a Pro staff member with Silent Wolf Outdoors Elite
Jarrod Clark 
My name is Jarrod Clark.  I have been an avid outdoorsman from the age of 12. Started hunting in Mason, Texas and now have private leases in east Texas and south Texas. My love is Bowhunting I shoot an 80 pound Hoyt, but have many to choose from. Nothing is better than sitting in a tree and listening to the woods come alive!
Tyler Morgan 
I'm Tyler Morgan, I was born and raised in Northwest Louisiana.  I began hunting and fishing as a little kid with my brother Michael.  After still hunting for years, I started hunting with dogs.  Catching hogs alive and aiding farmers to help remove them from their property.  Today I focus more on my new found passion of duck hunting, bow hunting, and bow fishing.  The most important thing to me though, is enjoying nature and making memories with friends and family.
Robert Bannister 
I am Robert Bannister.  I was born in Baton Rouge and was raised in north, central, and sourthern Lousisana.  I learned how to fish from my father.  As I grew up, I developed a passion for fishing.  I still seek allusive freshwater monsters and love watching river monsters on Animal planet.